Monday, May 09, 2005

We have come to and end

Here is what Peja Stojakovic had to say about this recent season and the offseason to come.
"I think we all should understand what our coach has done for us and for this organization and the city and maybe we should appreciate him more than we do. He should deserve more respect.”"

“"It was a weird season, losing three starters through free agency and trades, and having injuries—we tried to mix in new guys. Everything was a part of this year. Still we were able to make the playoffs as the sixth seed, we didn’t have home court advantage and Seattle played good basketball all year long. They deserved it and they played better basketball all series long.”"

“"I really believe that this team has talent. So what is going to bring next year, what kind of moves are going to be made— I don’t know. But I do believe that this team has talent.”"

What about the ffseason?
"Besides the regular things, for sure I need to work on my post game and get some new move into my repertoire and try to get better. It’s tough in Greece to find guys to play basketball because they’re all chasing around the beach and no one wants to play ball in the summertime.”"

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