Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer Time

Guess what the youngest player on the team has been doing in his off-season?

Shooting guard Kevin Martin has been preoccupied in his hometown of Zanesville, Ohio. In honor of his NBA career his high school alma mater retired his jersey in May. He went around town talking to the youth of the city and was interviewed by the local news station, The Zanesville TimesRecorded. Soon it will be off to Sacramento to get ready for the 06’ season.

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raptorshq said...


Just checking out your site for the first time. I've started up a Toronto Raptors blog with two of my friends and we wanted to add your site to our links and were wondering if you could add ours. The site is located at and is of course called Raptorshq. Give us your thoughts!

PS - What are your thoughts on Kevin Martin, think he'll jump into a starting role this year if Mobley bolts?