Monday, October 16, 2006

Sacramento Kings Fans Need to Vote

Kings fans, we'd get more use out of a beautiful new arena than anybody. Even if you only follow the Kings from your couch and never buy a ticket, developing the old railroad yard downtown into an arena would be good. Even if you don't give a flip about basketball.

Because what Sacramento does not need is a hazardous waste dump left festering--that place is a Superfund site, the grossest of the gross. I hate to even use the turning-lemons-into-lemonade image, because those are some mighty toxic lemons. Yuck.

Of course this kind of enterprise is expensive and big profits go to the developers. But the millions it takes to build a sports and entertainment complex don't just float away--they are salaries for construction workers and profit margins for suppliers. And when the place is open, well, even the Kings concession stands makes more money than an abandoned railyard.

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